Welcome to Tartan Mamma, let me tell you a bit about myself.

My Bratlings, what its all about.

I’m Lesley, a working mum who lives just outside Glasgow with my husband, our two kids and dog.

Right now I’m working full time hours, doing a job that takes me away from my family and means I have missed out on many special occasions. A job with very little flexibility and long, anti-social hours. A job my heart is just no longer in. A job that affects my health.

In early 2015 I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression and signed off work longterm. With a family to feed I had to find ways to (realistically) cut our budget.

What started as trying to find ways to save money whilst I was on reduced pay became an obsession. I read every article and every blog I could find. I kept what worked, ditched what didn’t and even found some new ideas of my own.


It wasn’t easy, but we still survived. Our monthly outgoing are reduced (and still there is work to be done) and we still managed to grow our savings. We have even booked our first family holiday to Florida in March 2017.

I feel like I have already achieved so much, but now it’s time for a new challenge. My next mission is to find reliable ways to work from home whilst still earning a decent income. This should allow me to reduce my hours at work with a view to leaving altogether.

Goals need deadlines, therefore I have given myself one whole year! (so no pressure)


So, if you would like to

  • Save money without scrimping?
  • Learn how to make some extra cash without having to play dodge the scam?
  • Live a more balanced life?

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